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April 9, 2012

Student of the Week — 04/09/12

by museoartacademy
SOW 040912 art banner600

Madi, age 15  view her artwork

Class:  Manga

Artist’s statement:  “For this, I wanted to see how many lines I could scratch onto one piece of paper before losing my sanity. I didn’t quite reach that point, thankfully,but I came close. I wanted to also figure out if I trusted myself to ink lines without making the picture spiral into a mess that looked like it was the result of a 9.1 on the richter scale. It was definitely an endeavor, keeping track of so many lines – by the end, when I closed my eyes I saw fractals. But it helped me figure out how inking works – and patience – and I am happy I went through with this. Just… never again (at least not for awhile).”

“Madi has such a unique style already, that it almost hurts to direct her in another direction! Her linework and how it flows is always something to look at, whether it comes out precise or more abstract. So much of her work is made up of ‘happy accidents,’ things she just does naturally that give her pieces a distinct look. It’s hard to get a finished piece out of Madi as she just sketches and sketches and sketches, putting one idea out after another. I look forward every week to seeing what new concept comes out on to paper from her!”  ~Amanda, Instructor

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