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Drawing (ages 7-9)

Intro to DrawingWeekly Studio Class: Working in a variety of drawing materials, students will learn a variety of fundamental drawing processes to enable them to accurately draw what they see. Through a series of step-by-step lessons, they’ll build their rendering skills and creative self-confidence. Individual expression is encouraged as the instructor works 1:1 with each student in a positive and always supportive environment. Lessons such as stippling, cross-hatching, color, contour, and perspective will be taught giving the students a wide array of drawing processes to explore.

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Instructors: Kate Vaughan, Ashley McDaniels, Sarah Duda

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  • Class Fee:  $85/mo*
  • Class Length: 60 minutes
  • Class Size:  min 2 / max 10
  • Enrollment Deposit:  $42.50 (holds your ongoing place in class until you withdraw with minimum 30-day email notice)
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*Listed fee is based on four classes in a month.  As the number of classes that are conducted in any given month can vary from as few as 3 to as many as 5 (impacted by calendar and holidays), the monthly fee for this class will range between $63.75 – 106.25.

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