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Amanda Lien (

It’s probably a good thing Amanda’s mother never dissuaded her from watching cartoons or playing video games, since that’s exactly what she’s now making herself. Doodling random art during class in elementary and middle school slowly turned into sketching of her own characters and stories in high school.

After graduating from Skyline High School she earned a degree in Multimedia and Web Design at the Art Institute of Seattle. Turns out that she’s not a fan of web design, and drawing is her true calling. Amanda is now working on finishing her Production Animation Degree at DigiPen in Redmond. “It’s a wondrous thing when watching the newest animated film or playing the next great video game can be classified as research”.

Amanda’s focus is heavily on character design and development, but the grinding of her instructors gave her a good rounded knowledge of painting, sculpture, 3D modeling, and animation. All of which she addresses in her Manga classes at Museo Art Academy.


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Ashley McDaniels (

Ashley was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been exploring art for as long as she can remember. Ashley has found creativity in all aspects of life and over the years this has led her down an interesting artistic path. Choosing to pursue art in college was a scary, but necessary choice. She knew she had to follow her passions. Ashley attended Western Washington University in the winter of 2006, focusing on graphic design and fine art.  After two and a half years of the graphic design program, she came to the realization that the virtual world was just not for her and switched her major to reflect her full dedication to fine arts.  It was also during this time she began teaching art to home-schooled children on the weekends.

Ashley Graduated from Western with a Bachelors of Fine and Performing Arts in Mixed Media with her concentration in Handmade Printmaking.  At Western, she became practiced and proficient in drawing, painting, fibers, design, installation, bookbinding, art history and hand manufactured print.  Her printmaking concentration was focused in multiple run woodblock relief and multiple run lithography.  During her time spent in Bellingham, Ashley participated in three different shows selling work, and completed a commission for Western’s Outdoor Center, which is permanently located on campus. Since graduation, Ashley has been working on her own art as much as possible and was fortunate enough to begin working at Museo Art Academy right after graduating. In her free time, she also participates in the local performing arts at her Community Theater.  Ashley has experienced great satisfaction and gratification in finding herself immersed in the arts everyday, not only in her professional but also her personal life. Ashley’s passions and dedication will, without a doubt, continue to inspire and drive her further into the fantastic world of art.

2 1 2012 238 Click here to view some of Ashley’s artwork.






002Kate Vaughan (

Although Kate grew up on the dusty planes of north central Texas, her teaching experience spans from the Pacific Northwest to Europe. While in college, Kate taught English in Kiev, Ukraine, and quickly discovered her passion for teaching. Soon after returning to the States, Kate received a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from a small, private university in eastern Idaho.

Upon completing her student teaching in Nampa, Idaho, and marrying her fiancé in the winter of 2011, she gained a position in the education department at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Kate was an indispensable member of the education staff at the Kimbell, bringing to the table a unique blend of traditional and nontraditional teaching methods, her love of children, and a high degree of proficiency in several art media.

Her favorite medium, by far, is intaglio printmaking, and is a member of Printzero Studios. Kate is honored to be a part of the Museo Art Academy team, and is excited to work with her students.

untitled (flowers)

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bio pic kawKelly A. Wright (

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kelly began to draw with purpose when she was two and a half.  Her Grandmother had a background in fashion drawing and would set Kelly at the kitchen table with a “64” boxes of crayons and have her draw, as Grandmother cooked or cleaned.  Her Grandmother would encourage Kelly, and shared skills as a fine artist.  Kelly knew at a very young age she wanted to be an Artist!

In the fourth grade Kelly completed an art project with the class that caught the teacher’s eye.  The following year her teacher asked if Kelly would come back and show the new group of fourth graders how to do the project.  Kelly jumped right in and felt she was a natural teacher, and returned to the class for many years to come to give art lessons.

While raising her son she continued to teach art after-school in her home studio.  Over the years Kelly has studied and practiced, drawing, oil painting, pottery, watercolor, jewelry and metalsmithing.  Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and paintings hang in prominent homes and venues across the country.

More than 45 years have been spent teaching and encouraging people of all ages in the arts.  Kelly’s passion is sharing the ability to create with others.  Being a part of the Museo Art Academy Kelly says, provides her with the perfect place to do this!


Lee_003Lee Matthew (

Lee graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She then went on to get her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington, as well as a certificate in Natural Science Illustration.

Some of Lee’s past jobs have included working in a bronze foundry, museum exhibit fabrication, and sculpting concept vehicles for a defense contractor. She has taught welding, mold making, puppet fabrication, and ceramics for a variety of institutions.

Lee is inspired by the scientific world, mythological tales, and the stories we tell in order to understand the unknown. This curiosity makes her ask ridiculous questions and create humorous art as an answer.

In her spare time, Lee can be found helping out local film production company GrittyFlix. She helps with prop building, design, production assistance, and occasionally as an actress. She is also working on a science fiction graphic novel.

Lee Matthew 07 Click here to view some of Lee’s artwork.





Jeremy Cline (

charcoal Ken & Jer 2Click here to view some of Jeremy’s artwork.




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